Pro Loco di Capodimonte

The Pro Loco welcomes everybody who is visiting or intending to see our beautiful town. We are at your service to help and advise you in planning your free time. Please see the "Events" section to discover all the activities set up to make your stay pleasant and enjoyable.                                                                   

See you in town:                                                              

The President of the Pro Loco
       Sestina Ercolani                                                   


Pro Loco of Capodimonte                                                           
Piazza della Rocca, 4                                                              


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President :          Sestina Ercolani             Cell. +393477293351
Vice President:   Paolo Cammarotai         Cell- +393428009759
STreasurer :       Ilaria Migliaccio               Cell. +393356333011