Navigabolsena Public Water Navigation Service

Navigabolsena, the public water navigation service, gives you the chance to enjoywonderful excursions on the lake, with round tripsfrom the quay at Capodimonte. On motorboats carrying 55passengers (Letizia), or 80 passengers  (Fenice), you can embark on fascinatingtours taking in the most beautiful placeson Lake Bolsena, such as the Bisentinaand Martana Islands, steeped in history andnature, and the promontory of Bisenzo, site of the ancient Etruscan city, with its mysterious and fascinating necropoles. All very pleasurably viewed from the lake, entering into its history, myths and  legends.                                                                   

Tour 1 (duration 1 hour, minimum 15 passengers)                                                               

Panoramic non-stop tour with historical commentary on the following places: Isola Bisentina, Isola    Martana, the headland town of Marta, the promontory of Capodimonte. During the summer months there is a pause for a swim off the Isola Bisentina.                                          

Cost per person 8.00 Euros       Departures:Monday - Saturday: 11.00, 16.30  Sundays and national holidays: 11.00, 15.30, 17.30                                                                 

Tour 2 (duration 40 minutes, minimum 15 passengers)                                                                   

Panoramic tour around the Isola Bisentina with historical commentary. During the summer months there is a pause for a swim off the Isola Bisentina.                                              

Cost per person: 6.00 Euros                departures upon request                                                                     


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